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Thanksgiving Turkey - Deposit

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Turkeys will be shipped to NC customers on Wednesday, November 15th, locally delivered on Friday, November 17th, and farm pickup will be available on November 18th.  Turkeys will be fresh FROZEN - more details are below!

Happy Hen Farm is so happy to be able to provide locally, ethically raised turkeys again this Thanksgiving through a collaboration with another small family farm in Hurdle Mills, NC, Dawnbreaker Farms and Carolina Pastures. The turkeys are raised on 20 acres of rolling pastures where they are rotated to fresh grass routinely. Their silvopasture strategy allows for the turkeys to get to act a lot like a wild turkey would - chasing grasshoppers and nibbling on persimmons and crab apples that have fallen. Their supplemental feed is non-gmo and they are never, ever given any sort of antibiotic or hormone.

Turkeys will be frozen since this allows the farmer to raise the turkeys in the prime of the growing season.  This allows us to deliver a turkey that was frozen fresh immediately after processing.

Since these turkeys are processed in an NCDA poultry exempt facility rather than an USDA facility like all of the Happy Hen Farm meats, we are unable to ship outside of NC.  I apologize for any inconvenience! 

Please choose your size range below and submit your deposit.  As we get closer to Thanksgiving, there will be less availability for size preference - so get your deposit in sooner rather than later!


Curious why pasture raised turkeys are so much more expensive than a Butterball? Check out this article and ask me any questions! 


You will be invoiced for the final weight before shipping/delivery!  Deposit will be deducted from Total Invoiced.

Shipping & Local Delivery

Shipping: Outside of our local delivery area or need your items sooner?

We ship weekly at a flat rate to all 50 states! Flat Rates are $19 to NC and by time zone for the rest of the US! Eastern: $29, Central: $39, Mountain: $49, Western: $59, HI and AK: $99.

**Orders over $199 ship free to Eastern and Central time zones! Deeply discounted to the others!

Local Delivery: We deliver straight from our farm to your front porch! We offer home delivery to the Raleigh/Wake Forest area -see map) every other week for a flat rate of $10! The fee covers cold packing to keep your meats cold even if you are not home. Orders over $149 deliver free.  If you are outside of that area - please contact us! You can also pick up on our farm most Saturday mornings!